Heh heh

Come on in!

  • This is when he gets an idea
  • This is where your ipod went
  • Forget Dunkin' Donuts you have a Typhlosion
  • Typhlosion Says: More photos to come
Feraligatr is very,very,very,very dumb

we all hate him right

Welcome to the The Typholsion Fans WikiEdit

We all love fire type Pokemon here we band together to celebrate all Typholsions! NO FERALIGATORS ALOWED!!

Let's All Get Fired UpEdit

Finaly a place for all Typholsions to meet and PARTY!!!

Let's all share freind codes and meet up to share stories, or write them HERE. (post pics to)
Typhlosion ipodtouch

Rock Out


Party time yo!!!

Latest activityEdit

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